Thrifty Biscuits – my no spend February challenge

Every month I say "I need to have an easy month money wise." and every month, without fail, something crops up. Something we "need", something the kids "need", something we need to do, something breaks.... you get the idea. So I decided that I would try a "no spend" month, having seen a few people … Continue reading Thrifty Biscuits – my no spend February challenge


Keep it local this Christmas

Anyone who has followed me on Instagram for a while knows I'm a little bit fanatical about supporting small and local businesses where I can.For me, shopping with small businesses is about putting some real thought into gifts and supporting the economy while helping small businesses - usually run by just one person - grow. … Continue reading Keep it local this Christmas

#blogAshford – building a community through independent retailers

About a month ago I excitedly received my first bloggers event invitation courtesy of Kate at Happy and Glorious in Ashford. I hadn't heard of the shop before as it's been a couple of years since I visited Ashford last but was excited to hear about their event #blogashford which they were running for the second time. … Continue reading #blogAshford – building a community through independent retailers

Breathing life back into Margate 

Much like Folkestone which I posted about here, Margate is undergoing a bit of a revival at the moment. It's been slowly building for a while with the arrival of the Turner Contemporary and more recently the regeneration and reopening of Dreamland. I've been to Margate twice recently, keen to see what's changed for myself. I remember visiting as a child … Continue reading Breathing life back into Margate